Cranes Auto Salvage

706-216-0004         Cranes Auto Salvage INC.     Used Cars Parts and Metal Recycling.
2924 Dawson Forest Rd.  Dawsonville Georgia 
Locally Owned and Operated Since 1951
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Used Auto Parts:

We have a large selection of vehicles such Ford, Chevrolet,   Dodge, and othersy

What we Buy

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Stainless Steel
Sealed Units
Catalytic Converters
Georgia Seconday Metals Compliance Guides
(Updated) 2012 Scrap Compliance Guide (3rd Revision - 8.21.12)      .pdf link
 Current Georgia Law (Relevant to Secondary Metals Recyclers)     .pdf link
Summary of the New 2012 Recyling Laws.

Each Customer must have a current and unexpired drivers license or identification card issued by the State of Drivers Services.  

Other forms of identification include Military ID cards, current work authorization issued by the federal goverment that contains  the individuals name, address and photograph.

Materials we cannot purchase without proper paperwork are as follows:

- Air Conditioning Unit Coils
- Burned Copper Wire
- Burial Objects

Materials we cannot accept from the general public.

- Manhole or Sewer Covers
- Railroad Iron
- Aluminum Concrete Forms
- Live Brass Shells
- Kegs

Requirements for Vehicles:

No Title is required for a vehicle 12 years or older, however, Any vehicle purchased for scrap with no title present will be subject to a lien check.

The scrap vehicle must be worth less that $850.00 ( Trailers $1700.00) or less.   The recycler must complete a Title Cancellation Certifcate with respect that the vehicle or trailer. Knowingly falsifying a title cancellation certificate by either the buyer or seller is a felony.

Please review the detailed 2012 Scrap Compliance Guides by following the links listed above to review the new Georgia Laws Relevant to Secondary Metals Recyclers and the New 2012 Recyling Laws for detailed information.