What We Buy

706-216-0004         Cranes Auto Salvage INC.     Used Cars Parts and Metal Recycling.
2924 Dawson Forest Rd.  Dawsonville Georgia 
Locally Owned and Operated Since 1951
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Used Auto Parts:

We have a large selection of vehicles such Ford, Chevrolet,   Dodge, and others


What we Buy

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Stainless Steel
Sealed Units
Catalytic Converters
Electric Motors

Bare Bright
Copper wire that is not corroded or burned and must be shiny in its appearance. No contamination in any form. Must be thicker than a pencil lead. (10 Ga.)
Bare Bright
Christmas Lights
Strands with copper wire.   One Mans broken strand of Christmas Lights is another's treasure.
Christmas Lights
Copper #1
Unalloyed, clean, and uncoated copper in the form of clippings, punchings, bus bar, tubing, or wire. Must be free of any fittings, solder, paint, glue, or insulation remaining on any copper.
#1 Copper
Copper #1 Coated
Combined thick strands of copper wire that is insulated. Single strand must be 16 gauge or heavier.
#1 Copper
Copper # 2
Mixed, unalloyed copper scrap. Soldered, painted, or zinc coated copper is allowed, but must be free of any bronze, brass, steel, and non-metallic material
Copper #2
Copper #2 Coated
Extension Cords, Cat6, Cat5e, and other thin strand copper wire that is insulated. If insulation were removed, it would be #2 Copper wire.
# 2 Copper Coated
Harness Wire 
Harness Wire
Jelly Wire
Communications Wiring
Communications Wire
Light Copper
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